Digital Marketing for small and medium-sized businesses owners

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Digital Marketing for small and medium-sized business owners

Connect with your audience one channel at a time

WordPress Website Development

We develop responsive websites in WordPress. The first digital owned asset your business should pay attention to. E-commerce is also no longer a trend, its a way of life, we help you expand your digital footprint.

Search Engine Optimization & Local SEO

Organic search traffic accounts for over 50% of all traffic to websites. We perform technical, on-page and off-page SEO services to ensure your business gets noticed with better rankings over time. Local SEO gives community businesses a chance to get noticed online – we can help you do it right. 

Search Engine Marketing

Organic search takes time, where Paid Search (PPC campaigns) can help your business generate additional sales, leads, and bookings quicker. We focus on customer intent, ad copy and quality landing pages to increase your Ad Quality Score. We guide your customers to take the right action at a lower cost. 

Social Media

Reach new audiences with accurate targeting that drives the action you want. We help you create authentic content they enjoy engaging with.

Content Marketing

Over the years you’ve built a business, created unique products or services your customers needs. Lets create content that allow your customer to experience your unique characteristics that make you stand out in a crowd.

Digital Strategy

It all starts with research, setting objectives, and creating an actionable and measurable plan.

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From our Clients

Proud moments
Steve Watt
Steve Watt
Founder, The VP Marketing Show

“Wynand has been amazing to work with.

When I launched my podcast I knew I needed a good website, social channels, good looking visuals and much more. I also knew I’d need to grow my listener base with SEO, Facebook ads etc. I spoke with a few small agencies and independents and they just weren’t all that keen to help. They quoted big up-front costs, long wait times, and just made me feel like my (small) business wasn’t important to them.

Wynand was completely different. Super-friendly, creative as to how to get maximum bang for my buck, and enthusiastic to jump in. The website and social channels are up and looking great, we’re in the early days of testing Facebook Ads, he’s helping me think through the SEO implications of what I write and more. I think I’ve found the right long-term partner.”

Nick Coburn
Nick Coburn

"Before meeting Wynand, and the game-changing marketing services provided by Interakt Digital Marketing, I had a vision for where I wanted my entity to be, with no true path forward.

By the first meeting with Wynand, I was presented with a robust assessment of my industry, competitors, successes and missteps for those that have gone before me. I was introduced to SEO analytics and how to leverage these analytics to add value to those digitally looking for tax & accounting solutions.

From that moment, come what may (including a pandemic), I knew I had a successful plan forward to grow my business and achieve that vision! I am thankful, daily, for partnering with Wynand! He is creative, innovative and has provided an abundance of relief in knowing there is always a next step to facilitate business growth."

Suzanne Irwin
Suzanne Irwin
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Thank you for all your help!

I know I made the best decision in choosing Interakt as my website development team!

You two are fantastic, professional, attentive, caring and kind.

Simply the best!

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