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The podcast that takes you deep inside high-performing marketing teams.

The VP Marketing Show is hosted by Steve Watt and he takes us on a journey to learn what they do, how they do it, and how they get better every day. The Show covers strategy and execution. Brand and demand. Metrics and team structure. Today’s realities and tomorrow’s opportunities.

The VP Marketing Show Podcast Episodes


We've been tasked to create their responsive website that automatically update podcast information from an RSS feed. Once updated we've used an email automation tool to inform all their subscribers of the latest episode release. A YouTube channel was then created to showcase the initial promo video and all the podcast episodes, again dynamically pulling from the RSS feed. Surveys are build into each podcast for user engagement and further segmentation of audiences.

Podcast Episode
The Host Steve Watt
Each episode RSS Feed

Project Achievements

From project brief to go-live: 3 weeks.


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