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Downtown Sketcher

Capturing the character of your favourite city corners

Downtown Sketcher is the unique vision of artist Wynand van Niekerk. My fascination with architecture and storefronts began in childhood, and it has only grown stronger with time. The intricate details and unique character of each building inspire me to create art that is both beautiful and captivating. My sketches are not mere representations of buildings, but rather windows into the stories behind them. I use alcohol-based markers to add depth and vibrancy to each piece, bringing the urban landscape to life in vivid color.

My work is more than just art; it is a reflection of my soul and my love for the city. I am constantly exploring new neighborhoods, seeking out hidden gems and uncovering the beauty that lies within them. In the end, my work is not just a reflection of me; it is a reflection of the city itself. I am proud to be a part of this vibrant community, and I hope to inspire others to see the beauty in the world around them.

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Brand Identity , Logo Design, Online Store Website Development, Social Media Setup and Management

We had the pleasure of working with Downtown Sketcher to help him establish and enhance his brand identity. We started by creating a unique and memorable logo design that perfectly captured his artistic essence. Additionally, we developed a stunning online store website that showcased his products and provided a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for his customers. Our team also took care of the social media setup for Downtown Sketcher, ensuring that he had a strong online presence across various platforms. We then continued to manage his social media accounts, delivering engaging content and building a loyal and interactive community. Our comprehensive services have helped Downtown Sketcher elevate his brand and reach a wider audience.

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Project Achievements

From project brief to go-live: 6 weeks.

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