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    Darlene Kulig Artist
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Darlene Kulig Artist

Darlene Kulig

Darlene Kulig’s paintings are bold and joyous, whimsical and eye-catching. Her work is described as semi-abstracted spirited landscape and each painting is dotted with her signature, effervescent champagne bubbles.

Darlene’s artwork focuses on landmarks and landscapes from around the world, each containing her signature style. The paintings featuring her home country, Canada, are reminiscent of a time spent at a lakeside cottage, a hike through an Ontario woodland, the majesty of the mountains in the west, and the beauty of the red sand dunes in the east.

They are organic and semi-abstract, but unmistakeable as the Canadian landscape. Her love of the beauty available in the Canadian landscape is clear. What is especially impressive is that she has developed a unique very personal approach that “feels” Canadian.
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Brand Identity, Digital Marketing Strategy, Online Store Design, Payment Portal Integrations, Shipping Functionality, Lead Generation

Semi-Abstracted Spirited Landscape Artist.

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From project brief to go-live: 6 weeks.