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Digital Marketing for small and medium-sized businesses

Connect with your audience one channel at a time
Interakt Digital Marketing - Wynand van Niekerk

Wynand van Niekerk

After 17 years I sold my full-service Digital Agency, but with all these years of digital marketing experience, I just couldn’t step away from the keyboard. 

Over the years I’ve seen so many small and medium-sized businesses that just don’t know where to start with their digital marketing efforts or that are just not seeing any results. The digital marketing landscape has expanded dramatically over the last couple of years and keeping up with all the latest trends is proving more and more difficult. 

Interakt was founded as I wanted to help small and medium-sized businesses get the basics of digital marketing right. It’s so easy to chase the latest new digital channel, but one sometimes forgets that just focusing on one or two core digital channels, do it well will ensure you connect with your customers authentically, and results will follow. 

That’s what Interakt, a digital marketing agency in Halifax focuses on.
Helping ‘big little businesses’ succeed with their digital marketing strategies.

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